The Future Of Advertising: Just-In-Time

Life is how we manage our time. We’re all on the quest to live better lives so we all pursue better ways to manage it.

But what does it mean to manage something? Think of it as ‘using resources to achieve objectives.’ Successful managing means achieving objectives. Better managing means using less resources to achieve them.

If time is the resource, then a better life might mean a more efficient use of time.

Subjective Vs Objective

The use of time is subjective and people’s objectives are subjective.

When you’re selling something that’s subjective, you sell a subject. People buy from people.

When you’re selling something that’s objective, you sell an object. People buy objects to achieve their objectives.

We use our time to achieve subjective objectives and we buy things that help us do so. We buy into people that will help us.

Civilization Built By The Opposable Thumb

If civilization was built because of our thumbs, we could map the timeline of history by following their movement.

As more things become connected to the internet, our digital fingerprints become more defined. If we connect through a watch (or a ring on our thumbs), we create even more accurate digital thumbprints.

Advertising Is Based On Predictions

Our digital fingerprint paints a picture of our time management. Just as we use a schedule to predict that we will be attending that meeting on Friday afternoon, our digital fingerprint might predict that it will get cancelled like last time.

Once your schedule is part of the internet of things, it will tell your car to start in the morning, just before it to opens your apartment door as you leave and locks it behind you. It will tell advertisers that you have been listening to podcasts on recording music and will need to buy that microphone before you record on Saturday.

Today it’s called a watch because we ‘watch’ the time on it. The future understands that it’s the one watching us.

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