Social Media Is Like DJing For 3 Reasons

In your social media campaign, you’re the DJ. Disc Jockeys don’t just play music, they create an experience. Simplifying their process leads to three actions: playing a song, re-mixing a song, and interacting with the audience.

Social Media Content As Music

Think of the ideas for your social media content as a library of music. All of the information that you absorb throughout the day becomes part of your library of ideas. You might read articles, watch youtube, and you definitely experience things in life.

Playing A Song

When you go to post on a social media, it’s like spinning a record from your library. If you post the content just as it was when you discovered it, it’s like playing the song straight off the record. You might post a link to the article or recount the thought or experience that happened to you.

Just as a DJ doesn’t play every song they have in their library, you don’t post everything you’ve read or thought throughout the day. You analyze the mood of the room and select songs accordingly. You either match songs to the mood or chose songs to change the mood.

Re-Mixing A Song

Instead of playing a song as it is on the record, a DJ might re-mix a song. In this case, they create new content. This may be as simple as combining aspects of two songs from their library, such as the drum beat from one song and the chorus from another.

You probably remix content from your own library. Maybe you add something new to an idea that you read or find a parallel between something you experienced and the topic you write about. Longer articles are usually written by re-mixing a bunch of ideas in your library.

Interacting With The Audience

The third action that is essential to building the listener’s experience is interacting with them. You often hear DJs talking about the night, taking requests, and asking questions. This helps the listener become part of the show.

In your social media campaign, you’re probably responding to comments, giving calls to action, and thanking your audience for their support. Make it an experience they’ll remember!

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