No Metrics? A Business Tightrope Walk With No Pole

Have you gotten yourself to take advantage of all the free metrics available for your business? Have you made the best of your Google Analytics data? Sometimes we don’t put in the necessary sustained time and effort after first setting these things up. Here’s some quick thoughts on the matter:

Do you know why a professional tightrope walker carries a long pole? The pole helps in two ways:

The longer the pole, the slower their body will rotate around the rope. This gives them more time to change their body’s angle to prevent tipping over.

The lower the pole bends, the more stable their body will be, as their center of gravity will be lowered. This means it takes less effort for them to stay balanced.

Business Metrics Work In A Similar Fashion

Our business metrics, or data, would be our pole.

Without metrics, it’s like tightrope walking without a pole – we might not know we are off balance until we’re about to topple over. Metrics give us time to react. The more time our metrics give us to react, the easier it is to regain balance. This is similar to having a longer pole.

What about the size of the pole? If the pole were too heavy or too long, it could get too burdensome for the walker to carry. Similarly, if we have too many metrics to keep track of, we may end up just ignoring them. This would be like dropping the pole when we are tightrope walking. We would want to find ways to measure our business processes that we are willing to hold on to.

Our center of gravity would be how stable our business processes are. The stability would be how affected the processes are by change and variation. If a slight variation threw our whole business off, this would be due to our high center of gravity.

We can lower our center of gravity by putting systems in place that have the strength to withstand these variations.

If you feel that you’re caught up in a balancing act, try grabbing a pole.

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