Brackish Water: Unassigned Responsibilities In Your Small Business

The area where a river meets the ocean is known as an estuary. In an estuary, the ocean saltwater mixes with the river freshwater to create brackish water. The salt content of brackish water changes with the tides. At low tide, it’s less salty because of the freshwater flowing in. At high tide, it’s more salty because of the saltwater flowing in. These areas are difficult for many species to survive because of the changes in salt concentration, but some have adapted to it.

Brackish Water In Your Business

Think of two job positions in your business. Some tasks may be shared by both positions. Other tasks may lie just outside each’s responsibility. These types of tasks exist in the brackish water.

If shared tasks aren’t agreed upon, or if outlying tasks aren’t assigned, there may be a lack of bio-diversity willing to complete them. Similar to tidal changes, the responsibility for the task may change as well.

For brackish water swimmers, these areas can be great places to shine. These areas of work are sometimes up for grabs, as others may be less inclined to take them on.

Part of the reason others may not work in brackish waters is due to the strain, or apparent strain, on resources. Sometimes it only takes a quick trip into brackish waters to complete a task. However, a more involved brackish water initiative may fail when they have to retreat into the original waters of their job description, as it is of a higher priority.

Brackish Water Creation

Certain farming projects and other disruptions of water flow can create brackish waters. The water can cause damage to the existing environment.

This is similar to a new project in your business creating gaps between job positions involved. When brackish waters are created, it’s good to know the people on your team who have adapted to the habitat.

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