Q&A With Peter Of eBookBump

So eBookBump.com gives readers of independent authors a simple place to find books by categorized by genre?

I started eBookBump to help indie authors publicise their works, as opposed to helping readers find books. I offer the service for free because I appreciate how hard it is (particularly for new authors) to get their books noticed and receive reviews etc – most services like mine come with a price!

You must get a lot of requests to post new books – what’s your filter?

I currently publish a blog post and tweet for everyone who gets in touch, although there are times when people have to wait a few days before receiving their promo. So there is no filter as such – just a slight waiting list.

Your site is very easy to navigate – did you design it yourself?

My website is designed using WordPress, a popular blogging platform. The design/layout I use is simply a free option provided by WordPress, however I hope to create a more advanced site in the near future.

You have some raving fans – what’s a recent decision you’ve made to benefit your customers?

At first I only provided a free tweet for authors (with no blog post), however with the character limit it was often difficult to do the book justice. This is why I started a blog, so that I can provide a more detailed synopsis of the books, along with some great reviews and links to Amazon!

Head over to eBookBump.com to see Peter’s website.

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