The 3 Types Of Subscriptions in Your Life: Like, Use, and Need

Your choice in lifestyle consists of subscriptions. You subscribe to something when you continually associate with it. For instance, you might ’subscribe’ to a certain brand of clothing that you always wear. You also might ‘subscribe’ to running, if you like going for runs throughout the week.

There are three types of subscriptions: like, use, and need. They can be ranked by how ‘sticky’ they are, or how likely it is that the subscription will be renewed.

Like based are the least sticky. You may continually visit a restaurant because you like the food there. You could say that you ‘subscribe’ to that restaurant. You don’t necessarily use the restaurant to get work done, and you don’t need to eat out at a restaurant in the first place. At any time, you could decide to go someplace else, and you may have similar ‘subscriptions’ to other restaurants in the area.

Use based are more sticky, as these subscriptions have a stronger impact on our lives. You use your shoes everyday. If you perceive the brand of shoes you use to be of better usability than another, then you’re more likely to stay with the brand you have. This is different from just liking something for a short period of time and having the ability to switch to something else, since you require them to get things done.

Need based are the stickiest. Think of your phone subscription, internet subscription, or your insurance subscriptions. With insurance subscriptions, you may not use it, and you certainly may not like it, but you need it. If there isn’t a compelling reason to change your insurance, you probably won’t. Electricity and water are other need subscriptions.

Future and Past Subscriptions

Our subscriptions can be categorized as linked to the future or to the past.

Those linked to the past help us stay grounded. We might visit a vacation spot from our youth, or cook a family recipe. Maybe the shoes we have always worn now define us. These are similar to traditions.

Habits are just compulsory subscriptions. Habits are always subscribed to the past.

Those linked to the future help us change. We may start working out on a schedule or start eating healthier, with the goals that we will improve aspects of lives.

So What Makes a Good Subscription?

We want an uninterrupted supply of quality content with the convenience of not having to look elsewhere for it. We want to be rewarded by subscribing. We don’t want to feel locked into a subscription that we want out of.

In both our business and personal lives, we should make sure our subscriptions are worth the price we pay for them.

Don’t you hate subscriptions that don’t reward you for being a subscriber?

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